Ice La Fox

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Ice Foxx

This last pic is from a video where her she played an airline attendant and as much fun these two girls are having by showing your their penguins, the truth is that these ladies were getting drinks prepared and already getting each other off before take off. One thing Ice loves is someone who knows how to lick and suck her clit, a little suction with your lips is enough to make you squirt your name across the wall. With her legs spread and her pussy wet the girls are in the cock pit aiming for some mile high action of a first class all on its own.

Ice La Fox Bio

  • Birthday: February 28
  • Birth Location: Los Angeles
  • Measurements: 34DD-24-36
  • Height: 170 cm – 5 feet and 7 inches
  • Weight: 57 kg – 125 lbs
  • Haircolor: Brown
  • Nationality: Puerto Rico
  • Ethicity: Latina

Ice La Fox Blowjob

This is taken from the video Bank Manager Blowjob starring Ice La Fox. As a bank manager Icy has to handle upset customers.  She can be very persuasive with her huge round Latin ass and big tits.  She always makes sure that the customers leave happy everytime they come to the bank to make a deposit.

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If you haven’t already seen the video Bank Manager Blowjob, its a must watch if you a Fox fan of this lovely latina! Ice stars as the bank manager, and of course has to make upset customers happy ones. Granted, if you are a male customer she can easily persuade you with her huge round Latin ass and big tits. This bank manager gives new meaning to customer service and always makes sure that the customers leave happy everytime they cum to the bank to make their deposit.

In this pic, she is trying to explain to her customer that if he cums in to see her she will be happy to waive his fee as long as he is willing to come in prepared with his deposit slip, she will even fill it out for him.

The bank did a little Hawaiian Beach promo and asked their employees to dress for the occasion, the person who signed up the most new deposit accounts gets a $500 bonus and Ice was determined to make her branch win. Ice is a smart girl who enjoys hiring males but also girls who find her attractive and might want to eat lunch with her privately.

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Looks like another happy cuntsomer at this bank of babe, looking so enticing with cum all over her face, looks like she might just win that bonus after all if she keeps a mouth full at all times. Talk about a woman with a work ethic!

Ice La Foxxx

A hot latina lover with one hand on a stripper pole wearing matching pink panites and a bra, god damn that is some hotness right there! I wanna see more of her legs wrapped around that, I mean my hard pole, dont you guys? Looks like her other hand is in the right direction to, down her pants to show us a little double clicking of the mouse action, yes please!

Looks like this lucky guests had an amazing opportunity to get naked and on stage with this Ms. Foxxy lady…with both hands on her ass he lets his pecker lead the way to some cock pumping action. Damn this girl has some amazing tits, look at the eraser sized nips on this beauty queen, anyone want to taste?

With her mouth wide open, looks like there is plenty of room for you to join in the action…think if your cock was in her mouth you can make a little Foxxy Sandwich, now that sounds pretty yummy. I bet you that she wouldnt mind if you did a little hair pull here and there too…..she looks like she gets a wet pussy over that too.

Ice La Foxx

6 years ago when she made her first appearance on 8thStreetLatinas she was using the name Angelique.

This is one of my favorite Ice La Fox pix of her, I believe this pic was taken about 6 years ago when she had made her first appearance with 8thstreetlatinas, where she was going by the name Angelique. Ice or Angelique she is still a hot piece of ass with a naughty and fun loving personality. I think we all need a little more ice in our lives don’t you think. Anyone interested in exchanging her gold heart necklace for a creamy pearl one? With her tittes hanging out of that cute lil dress how can you not want to spread your seed all over her chest